Thursday, January 06, 2011

Update on refuse strike – Thursday 6th January

As you are aware, the city’s refuse collections, both domestic and commercial, have been impacted by a ‘work-to-rule’ and ‘overtime ban’ by the permanent refuse crews.

The permanent refuse crews are supposed to still working normally during the day. However, having driven around two of their rounds in Moseley this week: Wednesday round (this covers Russell Road, Moor Green Lane, Redding Road, Leighton Road, Tudor Road, Farqhuar Road) and the Thursday round (this covers Salisbury Road, Chantry Road, Park Hill, Augusta Road East), it is quite clear to me that they are picking up very little. Alternatively, they are randomly choosing to pick up rubbish from small sections of each road and ensuring that each road has at last some black bags along their entire length.

We do have a ‘casual workforce’ who are shadowing the rounds of permanent refuse workers. However, from my own observations, the permanent refuse crews are leaving so much uncollected rubbish that the casual crews are struggling to keep up.

Can I add that the Council is monitoring the tonnage collected by both the permanent crews and docking wages where there has been a significant reduction in tonnage collected by the permanent staff, compared to prior to the industrial action – we are taking into account any absenteeism within crews when calculating any reduction in tonnage.

My update tonight from waste management is that the casual crews will be in north Moseley tomorrow (Friday) collecting missed collections from Tuesday on the following roads:

Mayfield road

Top end of Anderton Park Road

Forest Road

Trafalgar Road and all the cul-de-sacs off it

One side of Church Road.

Our casual crews will be working Saturday and Sunday and the Waste Management team are assuming us that all domestic waste across Birmingham will be collected by end of play on Sunday.


At 8:34 PM, Blogger John said...

You make me laugh Martin, on your previous post you suggest casual crews are bringing in colossal amounts of rubbish ie 26 tons in comparison to the regulars paltry 18 ton. The fact the casual crews have been collecting rubbish in areas which have accumulated in some cases three weeks will have a bearing on this and the fact some crews have also been seen eight handed might make a difference. If its any help before kerbside recycling we regularly bought in 35 to 40 ton on a daily basis and one crew bought in 72 ton Christmas. With that in mind will you be docking the casual staff for their poor efforts?


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