Sunday, December 19, 2010

Results of consultation on a possible Moseley cctv system

As you will be aware a two week consultation was held in late November to understand what was the appetite amongst Moseley residents and traders for a cctv system in Moseley shopping centre. The results of that consultation can be seen by downloading the pdf file at

These results were presented to the Moseley and Kings Heath Ward Committee on 15th December 2010.

The Safer Birmingham Partnership had informed us in October that they were willing to offer £100,000 towards a 5 camera cctv system in Moseley shopping centre, on condition that the majority of the system was installed by 31st March 2010. After this date, the money would be clawed back by the government.

Mindful of this tight deadline, the consultation in November was restricted to two weeks. If the traders and residents were supportive of a cctv scheme, then we would move to a second consultation in the New Year on the design of the system.

As you will see from the results of the consultation we had approximately 50% support for a cctv system and approximately against 50% a cctv system. We also received a letters of support for a cctv system from Moseley Business Association, numerous public houses and the Moseley Society (albeit, subject to no trees or hanging baskets being removed for the cctv cameras).

Prior to the 15th December Ward Committee, your Ward Councillors investigated the possibility of either re-running or extending the consultation process. This was due to clear evidence of tampering with one of the consultation boxes and misinformation being put around – it was claimed incorrectly that numerous trees in Moseley would be felled to improve the sightlines of the cctv cameras.

The Safer Birmingham Partnership made it clear that they wanted a decision as to whether or not to proceed with a cctv system on 15th December. Failure to come to a decision, would result in the money being withdrawn.

On 15th December, the Ward Committee, which consists of your three Ward Councillors, based on the consultation results we had in front of us, decided that we did not have a mandate to go forward with a cctv system in Moseley in the public domain. However, mindful of evidence put forward by the Moseley Society and the local traders of regular anti-social behaviour and crime in Moseley car park, decided to support the idea of a cctv system in Moseley car park.

The resolution past at Ward Committee was as follows:


That the Ward Committee request Safer Birmingham Partnership to utilise the
funding earmarked for a Moseley CCTV Scheme, for

a) Two cameras (or possibly three to ensure effective coverage) erected to
cover Moseley Car Park with associated improved lighting;
b) Additional lighting in the alleys between The Junction and the Encore
clothing store; and between the rear of Church Avenue and the Cream Indian
Restaurant; and
c) Consider providing funding from the original allocation for a Retail
Radio Scheme for the business outlets in Moseley Village."

This resolution will be put forward to the Safer Birmingham Partnership Board in the New Year.


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