Friday, March 14, 2008

Standards Committee hearing on Cllr Mullaney and Cllr Hendricks

Outcome of the hearing of the Standards Committee into alledged breach of Members Code of conduct by Councillors Martin Mullaney and Councillors Ernie Hendricks

The meeting of todays Standards Committee into complaints relating to the creation of a YouTube video by Cllrs Mullaney and Hendricks about the derelict state of the former Tram Depot Offices at 582 Moseley Road, Moseley (statutory listed grade II), found the following:

Both Councillors were in breach of the Members Code in relation to showing disrespect to Mr Safdar Zaman, owner of the old tram depot offices.

The Committee agreed that neither Councillor had brought the Council or the office of Councillor into disrepute – this related to allegations about trepass.

The following sanctions were agree against both Councillors:
1) The YouTube video to be removed forthwith – this had been volunteered by the Councillors and the video has now been removed.
2) Both Councillors to be suspended for one month, unless they write a letter of apology to Mr Zaman and publish the apology on Councillor Mullaney’s website. The suspension will start 14days after the publication of the findings of the Committee next week – the suspension will not occur if the Councillors apologise.

Both Cllr Hendricks and myself have agree the following:
a) I will apologise to Mr Zaman. Cllr Hendricks will not and will be suspended for one month. I will contribute half my Councillors basic allowance to Ernie for that month.
b) It was agreed that I would apologise since Moseley and Kings Heath Ward needs two Councillors, otherwise the Ward Committee can not meet and decisions can not be made. We are both conscious that we are at the end of the financial year and that decisions need to be made so that a number local schemes that rely on public money can continue eg Moseley Street Wardens.
c) Even though Cllr Hendricks will be suspended he will continue to do casework for local residents, with the assistance of Cllr Cox and Mullaney.


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