Friday, February 08, 2008

update on various gating schemes in Moseley and Kings Heath

Below are updates on various gating schemes in Moseley and kings Heath. These need to erected before the end of March, otherwise the money dissappears.

All these alleyways are owned by nobody. However, the properties that back on the alleyways have access rights. If one person objects to the erection of a gate then no gate can be erected

28/30 Bank Street Properties have been leafleted twice, owner of one of the properties is concerned over reduction in passageway width. A series of addresses have been provided where we have previously gated, and await their response.

22 Sandford Road Gates ordered, we envisage erection within 2-3 weeks.

Belle Walk/Yardley Wood Road. Gates ordered, completion prior to 31/03/08.

Farqhuar/Tudor/Leighton RoadResponse to letters has been relatively low. Various residents have expressed a wish to have alternative gate styles. We will give this one more attempt, but I feel that their are too many opposing views and this scheme won't happen.

209 Grange Road This was knocked back when we tried some three years ago, and to date response has not been good, we will try once more.

133 Highbury Road Gate ordered, fitting imminent.

1 Fenter Close We have the majority of agreements in place, but not the property immediately next to the proposed gate position. We will pursue this, and don't envisage a problem with carrying this forward.

Woolworths, Kings Heath High Street We've had a positive response from the managers of both Woolworths and the shop next door.(New Look). Unfortunately both are national chain stores, and as a result have their own property managers at their respective Head Offices. I have written again, stressing the urgency of a decision, and we will follow this up with a site visit.

65/67 Church Road We are still trying to find out ownership of the land.


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