Thursday, October 11, 2007

Special Licensing Policy for Moseley Centre

At next weeks Moseley and Kings Heath Ward Committee the proposed Special Licensing Policy for Central Moseley will be discussed. The meeting will be on Wedbesday 17th October, 7pm, Kings Heath Primary School, Valentine Road. The Special Policy is due to start on the 7th January 2008

I am concerned that there seems to be a misunderstanding about what the Special Policy will actually do. There appears to be a common assumption that the Special Policy will stop any more pubs closing later. Talking to Licensing, this is not necessary the case and instead puts on stringent conditions on the pubs if they wish to stay open later.

However, I would prefer that those interested should hear this from both Licensing and the Police who will be at the meetings

In the meantime I have uploaded relevant documents from the 26th September 2007 Licensing Committee when the Special Policy was given the go ahead for Broad Street, Hurst Street and Moseley Centre.

- Report to Licensing Committee on 26 September 2007 - Appendix A - Appendix B to G - of Licensing Committee on 26th September 2007 -


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