Friday, September 28, 2007

YouTube video on the re-design of Kings Heath Market Square

Just uploaded my next YouTube video at

This deals with the present work to redesign Kings Heath Market Square at the corner of the High Street and Vicarage Road.

We have two officers presently working on the design, although we do not at this stage have the finance to implement the design. Identifying the pot of money to implement the proposal will take 18months to 2 years. In the meantime we want to get an agreed design fully costed up.

The video explains the basic principles we are using in the re-design which are:
1) remove as much clutter from the Market Square - namely move the toilets and telephone boxes across the road. Keep street furniture to a minimum.
2) keep the layout simple - based very much on the Moseley Village Green design with railings around the edge
3) re-use the present historic features in the square - namely the original Edwardian railings and ornate lamp stand.


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