Thursday, August 30, 2007

plans of proposed Moseley and Kings Heath stations now on-line

I've uploaded the full report on the proposed re-opening of Camp Hill railway line to passenger services.

see -

The report is 221 pages long. On pages 217 and 218 are the initial sketches of possible Moseley and Kings Heath stations.

The cost of re-opening the railway line to passenger services is approximately £40million - this covers the construction of a railway link at Camp Hill and the stations.

A bid has gone into the government for this proposal as part of the West Midland Councils bid for Transport Innovation Funds. Some funds may be available in Network Rail Control Period 4 budget (2009 to 2013) to help fund the compulsory purchase are land in Camp Hill for the railway link.

The importance of this report is that is now protects the land for the construction of the railway stations and the Camp Hill link.

I've also asked the Council to investigate the possibility of widening the Kings Heath High Street railway bridge - cost £1million. This would enable bus stops to be located at the entrance to a future Kings Heath station, allow a designated right turn on the High Street into Valentine Road, plus allow a left filter lane from the High Street into Queensbridge Road, plus provide a decent width pavement here.

The re-opening of these stations is dependant on government financing, but the earliest these stations could re-open is 2017.


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