Monday, June 18, 2007

The colour of green chosen for Moseley and Kings Heath

We've now agreed with the painters, the shade of dark green that the lamp posts of St.Agnes Conservation Area (St.Agnes Road and Dyott Road) and Kings Heath Floral Trail (Avenue Road, parts of Vicarage Road, Kings Heath Market Square and various railings along the High Street). They will also have highlights picked out in gold.

The shade of green is based on the colour used on the frontage of Heritage Estate agents. It's a close match based on the gloss version of the estates agents frontage - the green on this shop has faded and dulled a bit, so we've taken that into account.

Getting to an agreement on this colour has involved alot of running about on my part and on the various members of the St.Agnes Residents Association. We looked at the shade of green used in Solihull and thought this was too light.

The special paint mix used in Moseley and Kings Heath will recorded, so that we can use it in coming years.

All the lamp posts and railings will be painted by the 7th July, in time for the Britain in Bloom judges


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