Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Clearing of Alleyways of Moseley and Kings Heath Ward

I've just had a meeting with Wayne Chivers, who looks after the Xtra Service Team. The objective of the meeting was to find out why several alleyways had not been cleared of their flytipped rubbish during their visit last week - the alleyways I was particulared interested in were the Queenswood Road/Woodstock Road block and several in the Farqhuar Road/Leighton Road/Tudor Road block.

The clearing out of these alleyways will be done by another crew called, You Are You City, who specialise in removing large bulky rubbish including rubble. They visit each Ward every 6 months. The Xtra Service Team visit each Ward every five weeks.

The You Are Your City team are visiting Moseley and Kings Heath Ward on a four week period starting 28th May - finishing 22nd June.

Can you ensure that any flytipped rubbish in alleyways that needs clearing is reported. If you send via you local Councillor, ie me, it gets priorty. I don't set the rules, but apparently Councillors get the priority. Photographs of the rubbish would be useful.

The Xtra Service Team will be coming to Moseley and kings Heath Ward on the week starting 11th June. I hope to have in the next few days photos of what the Xtra Service Team did in this Ward during their visit last week


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