Monday, April 30, 2007

Two planning applications refused in Moseley

Two planning applications have been refused in the centre of Moseley which will be of interest

Planning application number S/00610/07/ful - 7 Woodbridge Road, Midland Tuning Specialists - installation of two 5metre flag pole style transmitter on top of building.

This has been refused on the grounds they would be visually intrusive in the Conservation Area. The telecommunication company has just finished erecting them, so they will most likely have to take them down, unless they decide to appeal.

Fiona Adams of the Moseley Society come up with an excellent idea of trying to persuade the telecommunications company to pay for the re-erection of the dome at the corner of Woodbridge Road and Alcester road and have the masts inside that. I attach a photo of which shows the top of the dome. I know good quality photos exist of the dome (it was very impressive), but I don't have access to any - I was wondering what others think about this idea? Good/bad?

Planning application S/01223/07/ful - 168 Alcester Road (this is the shop unit between The Drift pub and Domestica Electrical shop) - change of use from internet cafe to restaurant.

This has been refused on the grounds that it is the loss of a retail unit in the centre of Moseley and contary to the Non Retail Uses in Moseley Village


At 11:45 AM, Blogger skeal said...

I personally think internet caf├ęs should count as A3 anyway. This was the case at one point but the government changed it. They far more resemble food and drink outlets than they do retailers.

I appreciate granting permission for change of use to A3 would have probably meant losing it forever as a potential retail unit, but then, it isn't a retail unit at the moment.


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