Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Work required to restore Moseley Road Baths and Library - 18th April 2007

The final report by the consultants conducting the Conservation Survey of Moseley road baths is still being completed. We were originally hoping to have the report finished by December 2006, however the time period has been extended to allow further financial options to restore the building to be finalized.

It is anticipated that a definite cost to restore the baths will be announced in mid-May. Estimates so far have only been rough.

The finalized costs will be for the following two options:

Option 1 – both pools restored to swimming use and the building brought up to modern hygiene and disability standards.

Option 2 – pool 1 restored to swimming use only and pool 2 converted to community. The building brought up to modern hygiene and disability standards.

To complicate things slightly further, for each option there will be a different way for financing the restoration. Depending on the method used, the final cost will alter slightly.

Option A - A 5 year programme to complete all the work, with funding allocated on
annual basis but with an agreed commitment to all of a scheme

Option B - A longer programme with funding allocated on a more ad-hoc basis -i.e. £x per year.


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