Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Update on Woodnorton House

The proposed developer for the Woodnorton House site on the corner of Alcester road and Moor Green Lane, Moseley, has pulled out due to complications in developing the site.

The Council will now be re-submitting the site for auction in May - a definitive date will be announced soon.

It is now clear that developing this site is more complex than originally thought due to the high level of protected trees, the sharpe gradient at the rear of the site and it position close to neighbouring properties.

In the new auction, the bidders will be made aware of the complexities of the site. We want to ensure that however buys the site, does not leave it derelict for years like the Sorrento site on Anderton Park Road, AND what is built on the site is acceptable to the surrounding residents.

Woodnorton site is owned by the Council and has been derelicted since the late 1990's. Any successful bidder will have to restore the mid-Victorian bungalow at the entrance to the site.


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