Sunday, July 30, 2006

Update on Highbury Park ranger

In previous e-mails I stated that the job advert for the job of Assistant Ranger in Highbury Park would be advertised in the Birmingham Forward newspaper in early July. There has been a slight change of plan.

The Council are going to initially interview a number of Council employees whose jobs are either 'at risk' or on the redeployment list. They will be interviewed informally to determine wheher they are capable of undertaking the role of an Assistant Ranger. If they are they will be given a 2-3 month trial period.

This slight change of plan has 3 scenarios, namely:

1. At informal interview we determine that the employee is not suitable, then the advert will be released for the next edition of Forward. This will result in a 2-3 week delay subject to when the next Forward edition is published. The knock on effect would be appointment in October not September.2. At informal interview we determine that the employee may be suitable and we offer a 2-3 month trial. This will result in the Assistant Ranger for Highbury Park been on site as early as next month on a trial basis for 2-3 months. At the end of the trial we formally make the position permanent.3. As 2, however, if the trial period determines that the employee is not suitable we will then advertise the post externally.


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