Thursday, July 06, 2006

Birmingham City Councillor get Court Injunction served against nuisance resident

Birmingham City Councillor, Martin Mullaney, has assisted Focus Housing in serving a Court Injunction today against one of their own tenants.

The tenant lives on Alcester Road South, Kings Heath and has terrorized local pensioners for over two years with a constant stream of noisy all night parties. Complaints by the pensioners have resulted in verbal abuse and threatening letters from the resident. The pensioners were today too frightened to appear in court

The pensioners contacted Councillor Mullaney in early May and Martin then gather his own evidence on the tenant, which was today presented in court.

The injunction stops a three day all night garden party which was to take place this weekend. The party was to have several bands playing despite the garden being closely surrounded on all sides by pensioners. The resident has been issuing fliers throughout Kings Heath inviting anyone and everyone to come to the party – this has included sticking the fliers on bus shelters

The injunction also stops any nuisance noise from resident for the next 12 months.

Any breach in injunction could lead to the resident being jailed.


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