Friday, February 03, 2006

Tony Kennedy today lost his court case for malicious falsehood against me.

The judge said that he believed Jim Pendleton's version of events, in that Tony Kennedy had pushed Mr Pendleton from behind outside the Prince of Wales pub on the 28th May 2004. This push resulted in Mr Pendleton headbutting a brick wall in the alleyway to the side of the pub - he suffered severe head injuries.

Mr Kennedy claimed that Mr Pendleton had attacked him and had acted in self defence.

The judge said that based on witness evidence he neither believed Mr Kennedy nor Mr Kennedy's partner, Kate Booth, version of events. He added that Mr Kennedy's and Ms Booth's evidence conflicted with their own witnesses and with each other.

The judge said that he found Mr Kennedy's behaviour immediately after the event difficult to understand if his version of events were true. Mr Kennedy had refused to answer questions at the scene about what happened, even from his own friends. The judge found it surprising that if he had acted in self defence why he refused to answer allegations from by-standers that he had attacked Jim Pendleton.

The judge also used the following terms to describe Mr Kennedy "a verbose, pompous busy body", "patronising"


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