Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Moseley and Kings Heath tree survey

All the street trees in Moseley and Kings Heath Ward have now been counted. There are 586 trees on 39roads.

To survey all of them will cost £3 per tree. A total cost of £1758.

I've asked Simon Cooper our District Parks Manager to put in a Community Chest bid in asap, so that we can get this survey done before April.

Once the complete Ward tree survey is done, it means we can start to pull together a 10 year tree planting and maintenance programme.

The problem we have at the moment is that we do not know where all our street trees are and in what condition. It means that our annual tree maintenance programme is very ad hoc, being based on local knowledge and how many complaints we get on certain roads.

The survey will tell us exactly where each tree is, what variety, how old, when it was last trimmed, what health condition it is in.

Each tree should be trimmed once every ten years - so we will be able to plan a 10 year maintenance programme.

Also by having the exact location of each tree -using GPS technology - we will be able to locate missing gaps. Plus, we will have all summer to talk to residents about the type of trees they want in their roads.


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