Monday, January 09, 2006

The Moseley and Kings Heath mechanical sweeper has begun operations as of today.

It is intended that all the pavements in Moseley and Kings Heath will be swept once a week. Moseley and kings Heath shopping centres will be swept every day. Moseley car park will be swept once a week. Sweeping schedule is attached

This is the first time a mechanical pavement sweeper has been used on a regular basis in a suburb of Birmingham.

It is anticipated that the mechanical sweeper will dramatically reduce the level of litter in the area, AND reduce the level of weeds on the pavements - the regular sweeping will remove the build up of silt in the pavement into which weeds grow.

The mechanical sweeper is initially being rented, prior to purchasing in April.

After purchasing, we will then look at purchasing a machine which will wash the pavements of the Moseley and Kings Heath shopping centres on a daily basis


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