Monday, January 02, 2006

Councillor walkabout of Moseley (from my house in Southlands Road to Chantry Road and back) – Monday 2nd January 2006

Graffiti –Graffiti referral form number 32 raised for items 1 to 8. Councillor Request mu01006 raised for items 9 to 12.
1) ‘ONE’ graffiti tag on TeleWest box on Clarence Road, close to Blenheim Road junction
2) graffiti tags on BT box in front of 98 School Road
3) pink coloured graffiti tags on TeleWest box on Greenhill Road, close to School Road junction
4) pink coloured graffiti tags on green painted Telewest box across the road from 76 School Road
5) pink coloured graffiti tags on BT box in front of 66 School Road
6) graffiti tags on Telewest box across the road from 29 Chantry Road
7) graffiti on Telewest box on Chantry Road, close to Park Hill junction
8) graffiti on Telewest box across the road from 54 Park Hill
9) white coloured graffiti tags on brick wall in-between 131 and 133 School Road
10) yellow coloured graffiti tag ‘NEVER’ on front wall below shop window of 135 School Road ‘Ammi the Tailor’
11) lots of graffiti tags on the wooden fence across the road from 27 and 29 Chantry Road
12) lots of graffiti tags on the wooden fence to the side of 31 Park Hill – graffiti tags face onto Chantry Road and are half way down the fence. Tags include ‘NEVER’ and ‘SMOKESTER’

Action for the Selly Oak Hit Squad to remove – Councillor Request mu01007 raised
13) several blue graffiti tags ‘TERRA’ on painted surface on side of 67 Cambridge Road – graffiti faces onto Clarence Road
14) several graffiti tags ‘JOKER’ and ‘TERRA’ on painted garage door to the rear of 85b Blenheim Road – garage door faces on Clarence Road
15) graffiti tags on painted surface on the side of 2 Prospect Road – graffiti faces onto School Road
16) graffiti tags on the painted surface of 112 School Road – florist shop
17) graffiti tags on painted surface of 137 School Road – City Clipper barbers
18) graffiti tags on red painted garden gate to the rear of 117 School Road – graffiti faces on School Road, across the road from Baxter Court.

Section 4 notice required on property to remove litter/rubbish that attracts rats or provides them with a place to nest – Councillor Request mu01007 raised
19) Matress and rolled up carpet in front garden of 65 Alcester Road

Miscellaneous items Councillor Request mu01008 raised for items 21 to 24.
20) pavement requires repair in front of 52 Prospect Road, where tree blew over in tornado in July.
21) undergrowth from between xxx and xxx Oxford Road is obstructing half the pavement – projects forward by 1 metre. – need cutting back.
22) ‘Highway Works’ barriers scattered across the pavement in front of 8 Oxford Road – need removing
23) drain completely silted up across the road from 62 Park Hill – needs clearing out
24) lid missing litter bin in front of 38 Woodbridge Road – Woodbridge Newsagents Councillor Request mu01009 raised
25) front boundary brick wall in front of Lincoln house, Fleming House, across the road from 7 Chantry Road are well in excess of 1 metre – planning enforcement required. Front boundary wall in excess of 2metres at some points along its length and this is a Conservation Area!!!! Councillor Request mu01010 raised


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