Thursday, November 29, 2012

Birmingham Post shows the ugly side of wheelie bins

Birmingham Post shows the ugly side of wheelie bins

Readers of the local news will know that the Labour administration running Birmingham City Council will be imposing 3 wheelie bins on almost all households throughout Birmingham by April 2013. 

Followers of my blog – especially those reading it during July and August this year – will know that I am not against the introduction of wheelie bins in principle, BUT I do not believe they are suitable for 90% of Birmingham, that the Labour administration claims. Looking at the impact of wheelie bins in other towns, wheelie bins do not work in terrace houses or flats, with the result that the wheelie bins are scattered throughout the week on the pavement or dominating the front garden – see

In todays Birmingham Post, page 28, they have produced an excellent photo showing wheelie bins in use in a road with terrace houses. I reproduce the photo below.


Just think this will now be a common site in Birmingham after April 2013 – wheelie bins on the pavement, with rubbish bags bulging out of the top of them onto the pavement – all over Kings Heath, Acocks Green, Balsall Heath and so on. 

After 8 years spent by the previous Conservative-Lib Dem administration tidying up the streets of this city, the Labour administration are going to return it back to looking like a rubbish dump in only 12 months of rule.


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