Monday, May 30, 2011

Update on street drinkers behavior in central Moseley

In the last four months, I’ ve been contacted by a number of residents concerned about the sudden increase in street drinkers in the centre of Moseley. My own observations confirm this to the case, since I have seen the re-appearance of a number of street drinkers whom I know had ASBOs banning them from the centre of Moseley.

Complaints from residents have included:

  • An unprovoked assault in the Fighting Cocks pub, where one of the street drinkers came into the pub and smashed a pint glass over the head of a customer – the customer was unconscious for 45 minutes. The street drinker was subsequently arrested in St Marys Church yard.
  • Groups of street drinkers congregating in the church yard at the rear of St Marys Church and in the alleyway leading to the Alcester Road entrance of Moseley Private Park. The church yard to the rear of St Mary’s church is viewable from the properties in King Edward Road and I received complaints from these residents who regularly see the street drinkers openly urinating and defecating in the church yard; hurling abuse at the surrounding residents; openly fornicating in the church yard in daylight hours.

Residents who have live in the area for over 10 years, will be aware that the issue of anti-social behavior by street drinkers in the centre of Moseley has existed for well over 30 years. Since 2004, the presence of street drinkers has dramatically reduced due to the issuing of ASBOs against aggressive street drinkers, banning them from the centre of Moseley. Some of the street drinkers live in Moseley, but many come from outside the area.

In the last four months, a series of long term ASBOs on these street drinkers have come to an end and this is why we have seen an increase in street drinkers.

Through my own correspondence with the local police, the police are fully aware of the problem and are working on collecting evidence to issue ASBOs against any street drinkers committing repeated anti-social activities.

The local police are working in partnership BASBU (Birmingham Anti Social Behaviour Unit) and the local street wardens. The Moseley and Kings Heath Street Wardens are collecting evidence sufficient for an ASBO on any particular individuals.

If you know of any person who is willing to speak with the police and come forward as a witness to assist with this work that would help enormously. Please e-mail Sgt Tracie Wharton on

Witnesses can remain anonymous, since the police can act on their behalf in court.


At 9:57 AM, Blogger ArthurJB14 said...

100% agree, but this is something which is also becoming worse in Kings Heath. "Street drinkers" seem to have periodically taken up daytime residence on my neighbour’s side garden. Saturday afternoon one was urinating in full view of pedestrians & traffic on Alcester Road South, around 2 minutes walk from the public convenience!

At 3:06 PM, Blogger dasbunch said...

We are also starting to see a big problem at the top of Park Road near the Jug of ale site. We have been having an increase in people ringing flat buzzers trying to gain access, one whom I caught the other day... This also led to someone being burgled in broad daylight across the road! It is a real shame but Moseley is on a downward spiral at the moment, especially with proposals like Akbars being pushed through by the council. Such a low-grade establishment will spoil the local eating scene and bring a outsiders to the area with little respect for the neighbours!


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