Thursday, March 03, 2011

Meteor Ford planning application approved by Chairs casting vote

The planning application for the former Meteor Ford site at the corner of Oxford Road and St Marys Row was voted through today by the Chair’s casting vote, after the Committee vote 7 for, 7 against.

The planning application was previously considered by the Committee on 10th February where the Committee voted 7-6 in favour of ‘deferring the decision minded to refuse’. In plain English this was informing the Planning Officers to come back with another report providing legal reasons to refuse the planning application.

The planning officers did come back today with a report re-iterating why the Committee should approve the application.

The voting went:

Against the application: 4 Lib Dem and 3 Labour

For the application: 1 Labour and 6 Conservative

1 Labour Councillor was absent

This left the voting 7:7, which allowed the Chair to make the final casting vote. He voted for the application.


At 6:00 PM, Blogger Rupert Johnson said...

Sorry but I think thats a very poor decision. And one that I feel needs scrutinising at the highest level. Tesco's threatened that a refusal could lead to litigation and I feel that the council were scared off by this which is tantamount to extortion with menaces!

At 6:24 PM, Blogger terry_firmer said...

What a disgrace.. Approved by the committee that originally sent it back 'minded' to reject.. Good show for big business from the Tories i see.. No-one wants tesco in moseley! Apart from tesco and the councillors who rolled over when threatened.. The councillors should be making a stand but too weak.. Shame on them all!


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