Friday, March 06, 2009

Works commences on re-opening Moseley and Kings Heath railway stations


Work has now begun on the first phase of the re-opening of Moseley and Kings Heath railways stations in 2018.


Centro have commenced work on the design of the south-west Bordesley Chord, which will link passenger services from Moseley or Kings Heath into Moor Street station. The initial 3 month study will look at the options for track and structure layouts on the Bordesley Chord and the estimated costs.  Once a Preferred Option for the Chord has been selected, it will then be developed further by Network Rail. Network Rail have been successful in getting money from the Department for Transport for this work. It is intended to build the Bordesley Chord between 2014 to 2019.

Centro have allocated £125,000 for the initial feasibility study (i.e. up to selection of Preferred Option),


It is estimated that the cost of the Bordesley Chord will be approximately £35million. The cost of building stations at Moseley, Kings Heath and Stirchley would be £1million each.


The Moseley station would be located in the cutting between St.Marys Row and Woodbridge Road


The Kings Heath station would be located immediately south of the High Street bridge, next to the Tile R’Us warehouse.


The Moseley and Kings Heath railway stations are on the Camp Hill railway. The stations closed in 1941, due to lack of passengers usage. This was due to the services having to taken a convulated route up to Nechells and into the over crowded New Street station.


Building the Bordesley Chord will allow passenger services to enter the under-used Moor Street station. Journey times from Moseley to Moor Street will be 5 minutes. From Kings Heath it will be 8 minutes.


At 2:09 AM, Blogger Simon Felton said...

This is excellent news, albeit a long time coming, and comes at the same time as Chiltern Railways current consulation on it's plans to reopen the bay platforms at Moor Street Station.

At 3:59 PM, Blogger lulasnan said...

This is such good news on all levels! About time too. Great for people in Moseley and surrounding areas, great for businesses in Moseley, great for traffic reduction, great for the environment.

At 3:33 PM, Blogger Andy Stroud said...

I understand New St lines being very busy but it would be great if one or two trains per hour could get into New St.
Also having the stations means passengers could still get into the city via King's Norton if some services ran on this part of the network.
It could link Hams Hall (Coleshill) to Longbridge, both industrial centre's once Longbridge Business Park is finished.


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