Wednesday, March 04, 2009

webpage on the Highbury Trust

I've just uploaded a webpage at to provide basic information about the Highbury Trust - namely what is it and where it is.
The Highbury Trust was at the centre of local media attention a few weeks ago, when it was proposed to dispose of sections of land which was part of the original Highbury Hall estate. The last update on this can be  seen at
Through the use of maps and photos, my webpage shows where the original Highbury estate was and which parts of the Highbury Trust land are now publicly accessible.
I also show which features and planting from the original Highbury estate still exist. I also show the disastrous planting of the Highbury arboretum in the mid-1990s which destroyed much of the landscape of the original estate.
All my historical information has come from the excellent Historical Landscape Survey of Highbury Park, by Phillada Ballard at


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