Monday, September 08, 2008

Update on St.Marys Row scaffolding

Work has at last started on removing the huge scaffolding on St.Mary's Row, Moseley.

The scaffolding has been in place for over 18months in front of the Chinese restaurant and newsagent. It has been in place to prevent further subsidence, due to a pre-Victorian well collapsing underneath these buildings.

I spoke to the engineer in charge of the work today and it is anticipated to finish the work and dismantle the scaffolding by the end of November.

The brick sided well will not be exposed during work - the 6 foot deep hole that was dug today is deepest they will go and the top of the well still isn't exposed. What the engineers will instead be doing is boring two small holes down to the well and then filling the well with a fine aggregate to hold the well walls in place. Earlier boring indicates the well to be 7 to 8 metres deep.