Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Re-organisation of street cleaning in Birmingham

At yesterdays Transportation and Street Services Scrutiny Committee, the Councils Waste Management team presented their proposals to get rid of all the demarcation rules in Street Services and instead having area based teams.

At Decembers Scrutiny Committee is was explained how demarcation rules are resulting in a byzantine structure of street cleaners - one litter picker does the slabbed pavement, another does the grass verges, once a year someone does underneath bushes, no one does the central reservation of dual carriageways. another team does shop frontages, another team removes dumped rubbish from next to recycling bins, another team removes dumped rubbish generally........and so

As of April 2007, five Council Wards will pilot new area based teams - these teams will be responsible for getting rid of litter and rubbish anywhere in those Wards.

The first five Wards chosen to pilot these teams are:
Stockland Green
Moseley and Kings Heath

Once any initial problems are ironed out, the teams will be quickly rolled out across the rest of the City


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