Sunday, September 23, 2012

Artist admits that Labour instructed him to include Labour Councillor in JFK memorial

Artist admits that Labour instructed him to include Labour Councillor in JFK memorial

Followers of my blog will know that I am incensed to discover that the new Labour administration have decided, without any consultation, to include a former Labour Councillor’s head in the soon to be unveiled John F Kennedy memorial in Digbeth.

You can see my previous blog on this issue at

Since that blog posting, the Adrian Goldberg Show on Radio WM have taken up this issue and interviewed Oliver Budd, the artist who is recreating the memorial. Oliver appeared on the show on Wednesday 19th September at 11.12am. You can hear the interview on iplayer at The interview starts at 2hours 12minutes.

In the interview, Oliver admits that the new Labour administration have instructed him to include former Councillor Mike Nangle’s head on the memorial.

I would suggest that the local media should now ask Councillor Mike Sharpe, Chair of Planning, what he knows about this. It was him who originally wanted Cllr Nangle’s head included in the mosaic.

Are there any other friends of present Labour Councillors that we will suddenly see appearing in paintings in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery?


At 8:19 PM, Blogger Spaghetti Editor said...

Great idea Martin. If I might make a few suggestions, there's a Burne Jones painting called The Rock of Doom which would be a good one for a representation of the full Council perhaps? He did a follow up called The Fulfillment of Doom but perhaps we can start populating that one from April 2013 onwards. Ford Maddox Brown's Pretty Baa-Lambs would have been a nice one but I can't think of a single contender. And as for Robert Hill's The Head of a Braying Ass - I'd better not even go there. Pete Millington

At 8:26 PM, Blogger Spaghetti Editor said...

Seriously, I think you are right about the Kennedy mosaic. Why are they changing it in the first place it was an art work of its time in history. There could be an case for an artwork depicting Irish people and people from other ethnic communities who have contributed tothe city, but could be something entirely different in the city centre. A trail of diverse citizens maybe?


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