Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Grit bins and gritting in Moseley and Kings Heath shopping centres

I’ve been contacted by a number of residents on two issues:

1) 1) When does the Council refill empty grit bins? This is particularly problematic at the moment, since a number of bins have emptied very quickly in the present weather.

2) 2) Is the Council supposed to grit the pavements in Moseley shopping centre?

In answer to these two questions, the Council’s Highways department have provided me with the following answer:

Grit bins
All 1034 grit bins throughout the City are being refilled on a rolling program. Unfortunately with such a vast number of units and continuing severe weather we cannot maintain all grit bins in a full state at all times. These difficulties are being compounded by the emptying of the bins almost as soon as we have refilled them, often for private use. Resources in terms of manpower and rock salt are not infinite and therefore we would ask that residents are patient and use the facilities in a sustainable manner. Nevertheless, we will continue with our refill programs throughout this cold weather period. Empty grit bins can be reported to Highways Enquiries on 303 6644 but as explained above we are aware and are refilling.

Pavements in Moseley shopping centre
Whilst the footways in the city centre are treated on a regular basis with the carriageways, those in Moseley and 20 further shopping centres (including Kings Heath shopping centre) are treated on a reactionary basis when conditions are extremely poor and the resources allow. Extremely poor conditions would mean where snow is lying for more than 24 hours or where the ground is sub-zero for in excess of 48 hours. Nevertheless, these conditions are still subject to resources which will only be diverted to this work once the priority gritted network is clear and we are confident it will remain so. In the current situation our resources are at full capacity dealing with the continuing snow and extremely low road surface temperatures.


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